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Ferrari piston and conrod Jean Alesi F1 Formula one part 1995 engine V12

  • £59500

A rare opportunity to own a significant piece of a Ferrari F1 engine from a historic race. This was used by Jean Alesi during the 1995 European Grand Prix. A race he battled Michael Schumacher for the win, until Schumacher famously barged his way past on the final lap.

The piston and conrod is from the last ever Ferrari V12 Formula one engine and has all the correct serial numbers for that car and engine as well as a letter of authenticity and envelope from Ferrari who donated it for a charity auction back in 1995. You will also see the production date stamped on the piston as 0995, 09-1995 (September 1995) with the race being in October 1995. 

The components have been mounted to a carbon style based that can be hung on the wall. The piston-conrod is however removeable from the base.

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