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Alex Wurz 'original' Benetton F1 helmet 2001

  • £000

Alex Wurz 'original' race helmet, unused

Alex used to paint his own F1 helmets, Bieffe would send him the helmet shells to paint. Once he sent them back, Bieffe would add the rubbers, interiors and most of the sponsor logo's. Something that he still does in 2017, a recent article was made on Alex painting a helmet -

For sale here is a Wurz painted Wurz helmet that was never made into a race helmet. The helmet still hasn't had all of the holes drilled out of it, nor has it ever had a foam interior or fixings fitted to it. It's a unique painted but incomplete helmet. This is an opportunity to own an original painted Wurz helmet, all the others he has painted he has worn.

Due to the fact the helmet has no interior it comes with a carbon fibre style solid base and dark tint visor so visually it doesn't look incomplete until you look inside.

Please email for more and higher resolution pictures or with any questions on this item -

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