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Race suit framing service

  • £9500

Protect your race suit from harmful UV rays and Moths

Never display a race suit in direct sunlight or directly under heavy spot light, especially if it is behind standard glass. This can lead to drastic sun fading. If you are storing a suit in a wardrobe make sure you have some moth balls in there, I have seen a Nikki Lauda race worn set of overalls literally half eaten moths. Priceless to practically worthless.

Alternatively you can display and store your collectible in one of our race suit box frames. We couldn't find a reasonably priced and decent quality specific F1 suit frame on the market (you can get a nice one for £300 but that's over priced) so we worked with a framing specialist to produce the Racefan custom suit frame. Numerous options for backing colours (black or white carbon usually looks best depending on suit colour). These look great on the wall, with trial and error we got them the perfect depth for a race suit. 

Engraved and vinyl written plaques also available

Unfortunately these can be very expensive to ship outside of Europe

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